The Music Set

Jenn Pelly, James Endeacott, Robert Barry & Amanda de Frumerie, Late of the Pier, Jarvis Cocker & Mathew Clayton


As Bertie Wooster said—This is where we came in! Music has been the lifeblood of Rough Trade for years and we’ve proudly carried on the tradition of working with the best here at Rough Trade Books. This bundle of musical musings will have everything you need.



8 – Jenn Pelly’s Nothing Feels Natural

14 – James Endeacott’s Tall Short Stories…

18 – Robert Barry & Amanda de Frumerie’s Three True Tales About Music and Technology

19 – Late of the Pier’s Ecstatic Data Sets: The Chorismos Apeiron Scanner (2028 Edition)

21 – Jarvis Cocker’s Good Pop, Bad Pop

25 – Mathew Clayton’s I Was A Teenage Bell Ringer