The William Morris Gallery Series

Will Burns & Jess White, Luke Turner & Eva Vermandel, Lola Lely & Nina Chakrabarti, Will Ashon & Michal Novosad


Seeking to riff on William Morris’ passion for printing and specifically his interest in the pamphlet form, Rough Trade Books in partnership with William Morris Gallery commissioned a set of its quarterly Rough Trade Editions pamphlet series based around Morris’ work and ideas. Using the Rough Trade Editions format of publishing four pamphlets across a range of disciplines—poetry, prose, illustration, photography—we  asked eight writers and artists to create brand new work that is, in some demonstrable way, in dialogue with the work of William Morris. We believe the series shows how Morris’ ideas about aesthetics, design, politics, the environment and art in general, remain as powerful and prescient today as they ever have.

This set features…

WMG1 – Germ Songs by Will Burns and Jess White

WMG2 – Tracks by Luke Turner and Eva Vermandel

WMG3 – Things To Use, Things To Love by Lola Lely and Nina Chakrabarti

WMG4 – Rafal’s Saga by Will Ashon and Michal Novosad