Rough Trade Books Extra Curricular - A little online amusement for abnormal times Randomise!

Every Monday from 2pm – 4pm you can hear a Rough Trade Books show being broadcast on Soho Radio’s Culture Channel.

Monthly shows include…

The Rough Trade Books Club hosted by editor and Rough Trade Books author Mathew Clayton. Each month guests from the literary world—authors, agents, booksellers and editors—bring Mathew their current book recommendations to chew over. Regular features will include Will Burns’ Poetry Corner, Nina Hervé shining a light on a Rough Trade Edition and some tenuous musical links.

Stress Test is like an anxiety dream made real, the presenters of this show—Joe Dunthorne, Martha Sprackland and John Osborne—invite special guest poets to produce new poems under timed conditions and make them read them aloud on the radio. Then they talk about what went wrong. Follow Stress Test and join in on Twitter here.

Irregulars is a show where any of the Rough Trade Books authors have an idea and would like to do a takeover.

Words & Music is a show where writer Anna Wood chooses a book as a guest. Reads from and talks about the book and plays songs the book would like for company on a desert island. This is a quarterly show.


Irregulars presented by Will Ashon on 20/7/20 LISTEN HERE

Irregulars presented by Nichola Smalley from And Other Stories with special guests Andrzej Tichý, Jen Hodgson & Rachel Genn on 13/7/20 LISTEN HERE

Rough Trade Books Club featuring Nikesh Shukla, Kate Clanchy & Richard Phoenix on 6/7/20 LISTEN HERE

Stress Test presented by Joe Dunthorne, Martha Sprackland & John Osborne featuring Will Harris on 29/6/20 LISTEN HERE

Irregulars – A Madge Gill Special presented by Sophie Dutton with special guests Lola Lely, Simon Grant & Megan Piper on 22/6/20 LISTEN HERE

presented by Emma Warren & Haseeb Iqbal on 15/6/20 LISTEN HERE

Rough Trade Books Club featuring Hannah Peel & Susanna Grant on 8/6/20 LISTEN HERE

Irregulars presented by Babak Ganjei & Max Porter on 1/6/20 LISTEN HERE

Stress Test presented by Martha Sprackland & John Osborne featuring Ella Frears on 25/5/20 LISTEN HERE

Irregulars presented by Sean Preston from Open Pen with special guests Fernando Sdrigotti, Xanthi Barker & Holly Watson on 18/5/20 LISTEN HERE

Rough Trade Books Club featuring Matthew De Abaitua & Gayle Lazda from LRB on 11/5/20 LISTEN HERE

Irregulars presented by Richard Phoenix on 4/5/20 LISTEN HERE

Stress Test presented by Joe Dunthorne & John Osborne featuring Luke Kennard on 27/4/20 LISTEN HERE

Rough Trade Books Club featuring Dan Richards on 20/4/20 LISTEN HERE

Irregulars presented by Will Hodgkinson and Tim Perry on 13/4/20 LISTEN HERE

Stress Test presented by Joe Dunthorne, Martha Sprackland & John Osborne featuring Holly Pester on 6/4/20 LISTEN HERE

Irregulars presented by Sam Potter on 16/3/20 LISTEN HERE

Rough Trade Books Club featuring Tony White on 8/3/20 LISTEN HERE

Words & Music presented by Anna Wood featuring WITCH on 2/3/20 LISTEN HERE

Stress Test presented by Joe Dunthorne, Martha Sprackland & John Osborne on 24/2/20 LISTEN HERE



FRI 6th DEC – JONNY BANGER presents… MAISON DE BANG BANG: A one-off euphoric Christmas special radio show featuring words and music from guest DJ’s and hosted by bootleg boss Jonny Banger.

FRI 6th DEC – MATHEW CLAYTON presents… MUSIC FOR MOUNTAINS:Mathew Clayton is an editor and author who in this one hour special will be exploring the relationship between landscape and music. He is the author of I Was a Teenage Bell Ringer (Rough Trade Edition No. 25) that explores the connections between acid house, the countryside and bell ringing.

FRI 6th DEC – MARCEL THEROUX & NINA HERVÉ presents… TREASURES OF THE FAROES: Marcel Theroux shares the sonic inspiration behind his annual Christmas fables and gives a sneak preview of 2019’s story: a mysterious tale set in the Faroe Islands.

FRI 6th DEC – SALENA GODDEN & JAMES ENDEACOTT presents SONGS OF COURAGE & RESISTANCE: Featuring songs that accompany Salena’s pamphlet Pessimism is for Lightweights plus a brand new radio play written by Salena called The Charleston with guest appearances from James Endeacott and Will Burns.

THU 5th DEC – ADELLE STRIPE & ANNA WOOD presents… CHAMPAGNE SOCIALISM: Champagne Socialism is a book show with bite, hosted by Adelle Stripe and Anna Wood. Tune in for exclusive readings, books of the year, special guests, and the finest musical selections from dancehall to exotica, northern soul floorshakers to lover’s rock, 60s garage to tropicalia and way way beyond…

WED 4th DEC – EMMA WARREN & GUESTS presents… CELEBRATION OF STEAM DOWN: Two hours celebrating south London’s heavily influential jam Steam Down, covering music, words, dance and the people who make the place.

WED 4th DEC – LAURA LEWIS presents… PASSION ON THE RADIO: Following on from her documentary photography series about Tokyo Love Hotels, photographer Laura Lewis speaks to people working in and around music about why love and music have been so passionately intertwined for so long. Featuring tracks chosen by guests.

TUE 3rd DEC – BOBBY BARRY presents… MARTIAN TIME SLIP: A broadcast from another time and another world. Sounds from space and music of the future.

MON 2nd DEC – COLD WAR STEVE & CARL GOSLING presents… RUNDFUNK FROM THE FUNKHAUSE: A radio show inspired by Cold War Steve’s irreverent, surreal collages.

MON 2nd DEC – MAX SYDNEY SMITH WITH PATO presents… WITHOUT SEEMING TO CARE AT ALL: With readings from his Rough Trade Edition, Q&A with author Max Sydney Smith and music by Pato, from sunshine jazz to small hours techno.

FRI 29th NOV – KIRK LAKE & LORENA LOHR presents… SPOKEN WEIRD: Spoken word recordings from the 1950s to now hosted by Kirk Lake with a diversion into boxing and a detour into the desert with photographer Lorena Lohr.

FRI 29th NOV – WILL ASHON & WILL BURNS presents… TRICKS OF THE SHADE: Wills Ashon and Burns’ mutual enthusiasm for the Goats’ cult debut album, and their writing on Epping Forest are the starting point for a sprawling couple of hours of music, tenuous links, and conversation about everything from poetry to collecting obscure trainers, from toy theatres to the history of land ownership. As interesting as it will undoubtedly be ramshackle.

THU 28th NOV – JOE DUNTHORNE, MARTHA SPRACKLAND & JOHN OSBORNE presents… AUTOMATED FEELINGS: A radio show in which poets play their favourite music and, while that music is playing, they write brand new poems inspired by that music – and then they read the poems.

THU 28th NOV – NINA CHAKRABARTI & LOLA LELY presents… TEA FOR TWO: An afternoon chat between artist Lola Lely and illustrator Nina Chakrabarti about the music they grew up with, the music they work and cook to.

WED 27th NOV – BABAK GANJEI & CRAIG OLDHAM presents… CAT FLAP TIME MACHINE: Join Babak Ganjei and Craig Oldham as they aimless and idly stroll through their personal histories of film and music. May (or may not) contain cats (the animal creature or future feature film).

WED 27th NOV – SOPHIE DUTTON & SIMON COSTIN presents… OUTSIDERS: SEEING BEYOND THE VEIL: Join Sophie Dutton and Simon Costin as they discuss the inner landscapes of outsider artists and visionary seers and witches.

MON 25th NOV – RICHARD KING presents… ARTHUR RUSSELL, ALLEN GINSBERG, SUTRA CHANTS & DOWNTOWN DISCO: A radio show examining the musical backdrop and soundtrack to Russell and Ginsberg’s relationship.

MON 25th NOV – LUKE TURNER & EVE VERMANDEL presents TRACKS:A radio show connecting Luke and Eva’s pamphlet of the same name and the nature of radio itself.

MON 25th NOV – THE RAINCOATS LIVE VINYL SESSION: Fresh from the recent, sell-out 40th Anniversary tour of their debut album, founding members of The Raincoats—Ana da Silva and Gina Birch—will perform a couple of tracks live as Soho Radio cut the session direct to vinyl creating a one-off acetate which will then be auctioned off to raise money for Cancer Research.