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For Now’s Patchwork Sound-Art Workshop…

‘The clouds will burst

The sun will shine again’—Madge Gill

Sound artists For Now are long-term admirers of Madge Gill. The way they work is intuitive rather than tutored, layering their recordings, stitching them together to form soundscapes that reflect the environments they’re recorded in.

There are three main types of audio that form the basis of all their pieces and we’re inviting you to do something similar…

1) Found sound
2) Environmental recordings
3) Speech

Handy tips

– You can use your phone to record
– Mix together speech (direct or overheard) environmental and found sound.
– You can stick your phone out the window, sit on a park bench or your doorstep. is a brilliant resource of free field recordings
British sound archive has a huge collection that you can play with, it’s great for inspiration but you’d have to contact them to use.

*If you fancy giving sound-art a go following this workshop, please do. We’d love to hear what you come up with so please share your work via a Soundcloud link on Twitter tagging @RoughTradeBooks and using the hashtag #MadgeGillArtAtHome

Here’s an example of For Now’s sound-art, entitled Yellow Flowers! and featuring Darren Hayman…

For Now is Susanna Grant and Joey Morris with sometime collaborator Darren Hayman.

Yellow Flowers! is a soundscape sewn from a number of recordings made in and around east London’s Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, just behind the Mile End Road.

An unlikely juxtaposition of dual carriageways, 31 acres of woodland, ponds and parakeets, means the park is full of sonic surprises, hidden layers, scraps and remnants.

It always transports you and you can always hear the weather.