I Am The Mother Cat (SIGNED COPIES) - Ella Frears

I Am The Mother Cat (SIGNED COPIES)

Ella Frears

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Ella Frears’ I Am The Mother Cat charts, interrogates and attempts to take stock of what will surely come to be understood as one of the most surreal and haunting periods the country has known. Written as part of a residency at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, these poems talk of the strange absences of lockdown, the nature of work and socialisation, the urge to write and create, and what it means to look out for one another in a violent world. These ideas are shadowed, deepened, by their own opposites, deployed with wit and intelligence and Frears’ subtle musicality.

This special edition also includes a fold-out entitled ‘No Paintings, Sorry’ which features poems by John Hansard Gallery Assistants for National Poetry Day 2021.


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